Solo Mujeres

3 Reasons Why Grana Empowers Women In The Coffee Industry

Back in 2016, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) stated that women represent around “43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries," making them “especially disadvantaged, with fewer endowments and entitlements than men…” Another FAO report concluded that just by “giving women the same access as men to agricultural resources could increase production on women’s farms in developing countries by 20 to 30%; this could raise total agricultural production in developing countries by 2.5-4%, which could, in turn, reduce the number of hungry people in the world by 12 to 17% - or 100 to 150 million people.”

These statistics are a mere representation of what happens in the coffee farms, which is why Grana sought out ways to improve these circumstances by providing women a platform to grow their business.

Grana’s Solo Mujeres line is exclusively farmed and produced by women in Guatemala.
These women have gone through great lengths to learn, practice, and perfect the craft of organic coffee over the years. What’s more, they’ve now become land owners of their coffee plots and have used their earnings to continue to grow their coffee business.

By buying organic coffee directly from these women, Grana is an ally that helps empower them.

These women carefully handpick Arabica specialty coffee beans to ensure that few or none bad beans get sorted. This process is far more laborious than using a cutting machine, which is typically used in Robusta beans. In doing so, they have perfected their craft of the bean selection and are now teaching other women to do the same.

As coffee growers, these women have also learned the specifics of organic coffee and the certifications they require. After learning the benefits of producing organic, they are now experts in the process and owners of their small lots.

With their earnings, these women buy more land to continue growing their coffee business. In addition, they also use their income to become local entrepreneurs in their town; their economic growth is the local economy’s growth as well.

As the years go by, Grana is committed to work with coffee growers and producers that care about the environment, about empowering those who need it the most, and about producing a great cup of coffee like Solo Mujeres.

To learn more about the women producers behind our Solo Las variety, how they support each other through education on organic coffee production, commercialization, and entrepreneurship, check out our clip below:

Solo Mujeres Pack
Solo Mujeres Pack
Solo Mujeres Pack
Solo Mujeres Pack

Solo Mujeres Pack

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Solo Las & Bella

Exclusively made by women in Guatemala, this pack includes one of our most special varieties, Bella, and the creamy hazelnut tones of Solo Las. This one’s made for coffee lovers who enjoy a strong brew.

2 BLENDS/ 20 capsules of each

*Nespresso® is a registered trademark owned by Société Des Produits Nestlé S.A. Grana Cafe is not connected or associated in any way with Nestlé or Nespresso S.A.


Best enjoyed as a single espresso, its strong and rich taste is bound to give your day a boost. You’ll find chocolate tones mixed with creamy hazelnut in every sip.

  • Region: Atitlán, Guatemala Bean
  • Variety: Arabica
  • Pod Type: TUV Certified Industrially Compostable, Bio Based
  • Intensity: 9/10 - strongest
  • Coffee Tones: chocolate and nuts Certifications: organic, industrially compostable


Enjoy it as a single espresso or with a dash of milk of your choice. As one of our most special varieties, its complex taste is made for the risk takers. You’ll find contrasting notes in your cup - a little bit of spicy, fruity, and nutty flavors all in one full-bodied coffee.

  • Region: San Marcos, Guatemala
  • Bean Variety: Arabica
  • Pod Type: TUV Certified Industrially Compostable, Bio Based
  • Intensity: 7/10 - strong
  • Coffee Tones: nutmeg spice and sweet fruits
  • Certifications: organic, industrially compostable


Great tasting coffee and organic is a plus! Taste better than any other coffee pod brand I’ve ever bought! So creamy and full of flavor

S. Ahmed

Great flavor. Not bitter. Perfect for lattes or americanos. Certain days I even drink the espresso plain because it’s just that good.

Amazon Customer

This is such a great value for so many delicious flavors. I’ve tried three of them so far and let me tell you, they are smooth balanced and absolutely amazing. So happy to support this organic, sustainable coffee producer from Guatemala. Way better than original Nespresso without the pesticides and environmental waste!


These pods worked well in my Nespresso machine. They produced a good amount of rich crema and the flavor is good. This is a good daily coffee at an affordable price with compostable and recyclable packaging. They're packed in cardboard boxes without any plastic wrapping. Well done, Grana Cafe


The organic variety is very tasty and freshly roasted. Pods work perfectly in the Nespresso. Highly recommended!


Absolutely love this product, the best flavors in espresso I've ever had, the aroma takes you away from this reality, would highly recommend!

Ivan D