Our Story

It all started with a coffee lover on a quest to perfect the -now famous- coffee capsule. Roberto’s passion and desire to explore and understand the mystique behind a cup of coffee. While searching for his new business venture here in Guatemala, Roberto was guided by the desire to improve the coffee capsule experience and enamor all coffee lovers with quality coffee in the convenience of a capsule, and so Grana was born.
The coffee was good but, was it sustainable? Was it high quality? Was it ethical?

To answer these questions, Roberto, Grana’s founder, reached out to coffee experts, farmers, tasters, and baristas in an attempt to create a coffee capsule that resonated with what he and the modern world were looking for: an exclusively high quality, and sustainable coffee capsule.

Why a women-led line?

As a Guatemalan, Roberto has always been exposed to the staggering gender inequality in the country. When Grana first started, he quickly learned that up to 70% of coffee labor is provided by women, especially in countries like Guatemala that still hand-select coffee beans instead of using industrialized machinery during the selection process. In an effort to help reduce the inequality gap in the country, Grana created a line that is 100% owned, produced, selected, and commercialized by women.

Why compostable capsules?

It only made sense. If Grana wanted to exclusively sell organic coffee because it was healthier for people and the environment alike, our capsules had to resonate with that same sustainable approach. To do so, we found capsules made of renewable resources derived from non-GMO corn and sugar residue, 100% cellulose, and a paper top lid. All capsules used are free from aluminum and plastics and are certified for industrial composting.

As a small family business, Grana oversees every step of the process.
With no intermediaries, our team is involved in the hand-selection of organic beans all the way to its final sale around the world.
Using only single-origin coffee, we believe that great coffee is the result of ethical practices that align with evolving customer needs.


Great tasting coffee and organic is a plus! Taste better than any other coffee pod brand I’ve ever bought! So creamy and full of flavor

S. Ahmed

Great flavor. Not bitter. Perfect for lattes or americanos. Certain days I even drink the espresso plain because it’s just that good.

Amazon Customer

This is such a great value for so many delicious flavors. I’ve tried three of them so far and let me tell you, they are smooth balanced and absolutely amazing. So happy to support this organic, sustainable coffee producer from Guatemala. Way better than original Nespresso without the pesticides and environmental waste!


These pods worked well in my Nespresso machine. They produced a good amount of rich crema and the flavor is good. This is a good daily coffee at an affordable price with compostable and recyclable packaging. They're packed in cardboard boxes without any plastic wrapping. Well done, Grana Cafe

Amazon Customer

The organic variety is very tasty and freshly roasted. Pods work perfectly in the Nespresso. Highly recommended!


Absolutely love this product, the best flavors in espresso I've ever had, the aroma takes you away from this reality, would highly recommend!

Ivan D