As a small family-owned business, Grana was founded by a “Chapin” family, looking to help the local production and producers of our exceptional “Chapin” coffee. While searching for the missing piece in the market, Roberto realized Guatemalan coffee, known for its high-altitude production, specialty, and arabica, was being marginalized by the multi-billion coffee industry and their purchasing power over the worldwide price of coffee.

The price of coffee worldwide was and continues to affect the quality of the coffee in our country. Mass production of coffee at lower quality and prices, is in high demand by large corporations, leaving the smaller farmers, trying to maintain the quality and rating of specialty coffee, at a loss. This ultimately does not only affect our local producers but their families, their communities and our everyday cup of coffee. There are currently over 125,000 Guatemalan families who depend on coffee production and sales of their high-quality product, which is why at Grana, we decided to focus on direct trade, sourcing directly from our local small-lot specialty coffee producers, to ensure they receive fair compensation for their crops. But, we didn’t just want to sell more coffee. We wanted to open more opportunities for Guatemalan coffee in the market, so we sourced only the best local small-lot, specialty, 100% arabica coffee for our first line of Single Origin Coffees.

Our 4 different varieties come from 4/8 of the coffee regions in our country to provide a very distinct, yet delicious espresso with every blend. Our 4 varieties include:

Huehuetenango Espresso: Of the non-volcanic regions of Guatemala, Huehuetenango is the highest and most dry. In its mountains, caressed by arid and dry winds that protect them from frost, coffee is grown in heights that reach 2,000 meters above sea level. This rich espresso with a full body and pleasant wine tone aromas is produced in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Huehuetenango is one of the highest regions in the country, with coffee grown at 2,000 meters above sea level by 7 brothers who produce only 110 (100 lb) export bags per year for selected vendors.

Nuevo Oriente Honey Espresso: Our coffee’s name “Nuevo Oriente Honey” stands for the drying process, which gives this strong and bold blend, an intense aroma of sugarcane and bitter chocolate. The Honey Process is not very common, however, it allows for a delicious, sweet cup. During this process, the coffee cherry is sliced open and the skin and pulp is removed from the coffee bean. However, the mucilage is left on the drying patio with the rest of the coffee bean, giving the coffee bean a sugar-honey like taste.

Antigua Intenso Espresso: Our Antigua Intenso has a complex and intense aroma with a dense body and creamy textures. You will really enjoy its elegant acidity with Jamaican rose and tamarind tones. Your taste buds will love the flavors of guava, nance and peach. Our Antigua Intenso comes from one of the most recognized farms in Antigua, which started harvesting coffee in 1875. This coffee bean is grown at an altitude of more than 1800 meters above sea level, ensuring the quality of the coffee.

Antigua Elegante Espresso: This soft, elegant and balanced blend, with a taste particularly sweet with a full flavor profile and shades of sugar, vanilla and cinnamon is grown In Antigua, Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes, baroque style churches, and ruins, coffee is cultivated over 1,500 meters over volcanic soil. This distinctive type of soil is rich in minerals, has low humidity levels compensated by the presence of pumice stone, a lot of sun, cold nights and a dense shade that protects it from frost, with shades of oaks. We invite you to join our coffee experience, and support our local Guatemalan farmers, while enjoying some of the best and most recognized coffees in the world!

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