I Can't Decide Bundle / 80 Count

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Our 8 different varieties from 8 different regions of some of the most recognized coffee farms in Guatemala!
Shop our Trial Pack, which includes 80 capsules, each variety with different profiles including our SINGLE ORIGIN, INTENSO, and ORGANIC & BIODEGRADABLE varieties to satisfy every member of your family’s coffee taste pallet!
Most importantly, each variety was chosen specifically by our customers, for our customers, each with a different story to tell! 


What's included?

  • Antigua Elegante / 10 Count
  • Antigua Intenso / 10 Count
  • Yellow Honey / 10 Count
  • Todos Los Santos / 10 Count
  • Holy Jalapa / 10 Count
  • Intense Highlands / 10 Count
  • Organic San Marcos / 10 count
  • Organic Las Barrancas / 10 Count


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