Our Partners

Bridging the gap between small coffee producers and US Coffee lovers, to break the cycle of poverty.

At Grana, we select only the best quality organic coffee from our partners at The Guatemalan Special Coffee Marketing Federation (FECCEG). This Co-op is a non-profit organization founded in 2006, with the purpose of supporting small coffee producers to overcome the challenges of the pricing fluctuations and risks in the international coffee market.

FECCEG is working to help growers be able to feed their families all year long, not only during harvest season. As a Co-Op, they currently work with 1150 men and 350 women producers, all of them micro-lot farmers, dedicated to the organic production of specialty coffees, honey and cocoa. Their partners are distributed in the highlands of our country, known for its majestic mountains, dotted with volcanoes and a diversity of microclimates that bring unique characteristics in their high quality coffees.

In addition to fostering dignity and health through self-sufficiency, FECCEG’s long-term development goals include:
- Strengthening small producers
- Supporting women in production
- Securing indigenous communities
- Supporting hard working families

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Our Story

Born and raised in Guatemala, Roberto grew up surrounded by coffee farms, producers and coffee experts.

A small family-owned business, Grana is the fruitful outcome from the collaboration of coffee experts, coffee farmers, tasters, baristas and more importantly, coffee lovers, becoming the first Guatemalan gourmet coffee in a capsule. Our coffee is harvested, washed and roasted by hand and encapsulated with cutting edge technology in Guatemala.

Our Vision

"Grana offers a delight for the senses, transporting whoever drinks it, to its origins, thus providing a unique coffee drinking experience" 

What’s the secret? We only use single origin, specialty coffee. Our Guatemalan location allows us to roast and pack our product near some of the best quality coffee plantations which is why we are able to select the best and freshest coffee beans for our customers.

As Guatemalan natives, we are not just convinced we can offer a unique gourmet coffee drinking experience by providing some of the world’s best coffees, but we are also committed to give back to our local coffee production.

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"Our location allows us to continue to source directly from small coffee farmers to ensure ethical practices and the freshest coffee" 

These producers have now become friends and part of our team, which allows them to sell their coffee at the deserving price for their great quality and continue to grow as a coffee farm and community!


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