Brands Compatible with Nespresso

Brands Compatible with Nespresso

We have all heard of Nespresso® before, their machines have definitely revolutionized the way we consume our coffee at home. Although Nespresso® is constantly coming out with new flavors, it seems like the pool of options available in the market for Nespresso Original Line® (Essenza, Pixie, Citiz, Inissia, etc) compatible capsules keeps growing and growing. Why? We love options. But, which Nespresso® compatible capsule is the right option for you?

Believe me, we understand it can get tedious to search over 30 pages of Nespresso® capsule listings on Amazon, which is why we created our list of single-serve coffee capsules worth a try. Featuring new, small brands on the market for those of you looking for brands with a purpose, story or just overall good price! All of the brands mentioned below include different varieties, intensities, flavors, etc. Whether your concerns include price, quality, values, flavor, we have selected the best NEW and noteworthy options based on your concerns.

PRICE: If you are looking for a good deal, Gran Caffè Garibaldi might be your go-to! This Italian-roast new brand just came in the market, however, their prices are very competitive at $0.30 per capsule, saving you over 50% on regular Nespresso capsules! Their variety pack is a mix between Arabica and Robusta Blend for that perfect Italian roast.

SUSTAINABLE: If you are looking for a new product to swap out for a sustainable option, check out Artizan Coffee. Not only are their capsules biodegradable, but they also have several certifications including Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, amongst others. Artizan also has a Cuban “cafecito” blend, which is definitely a plus!

QUALITY: If you are not one to sacrifice quality for the price, try Grana! Their single-origin capsules are 100% arabica and specialty coffee from small lot coffee farmers. These small-lot plantations grow some of the best and very rare coffees in the world, which are also sourced directly from coffee farmers in Guatemala ensuring freshness in your morning espresso and ethical sourcing practices.

TEA: If you are getting into the health and wellness trend this summer, like everyone else, and are looking to try something other than coffee, while sticking to the convenience of a capsule, you might want to give Rokit Pods a try! Not only do they have matcha tea capsules, but if you are willing to experiment with new flavors, try their Superfood Ginseng Coffee or Yerba Mate Tea for that wellness kick!

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and find something for you in our list above. We are constantly on the lookout for new brands on the market to try out, as they typically offer more unique coffee experiences worth the splurge!