Our Inspiration

As Guatemalan natives, we are not just convinced we can offer a unique gourmet coffee drinking experience by providing some of the world’s best coffees, but we are also committed to give back to our local coffee production. Our location allows us to continue to source directly from small coffee farmers, to ensure ethical practices, freshest coffee bean, and exceptional quality! These producers have now become friends and part of our team, which allows them to sell their coffee at the deserving price for their great quality and continue to grow as a coffee farm and community!


  • Passion – the heart of our company, the reason behind everything we do.
  • Knowledge – Leveraging our culture’s know-how to create an ecosystem of people working together to deliver the best quality product. Quality- Excellence in what we do.
  • Integrity – Building Trust and Relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Responsibility – Farmers to Consumers, making sure everyone involved in the process recognized and benefitted Business Spirit, we are not afraid to take risks in our search for new and unique products.